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We are a family of high performance athletes, fighting like heroes to transform the outskirts and slums. Our guiding principle is to lead as social entrepreneurs - challenging the social reality.

If you identify with this culture, celebrate diversity and share our thirst for social impact then consider joining us in working towards moving the inequality of the favela to the museum.
We count on you!
Let's be a part of it?

We are looking for people who want to help. People who want to have an impact on others. People who are looking for an exchange of experiences and who will help us transform social inequality into a museum exhibit!

we seek your talent to help in the cause!
We need people to help us, being our employees and collaborators, and to get closer and closer to the cause we want to reach!

Watch our explanatory video, meet Gerando Falcões and be one of us!


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You can also help in other ways and according to your abilities. Join us to be our volunteer or future collaborator!
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Gerando Falcões is annually audited by KPMG.
Edu Lyra - "Man Of The Year 2018", Social Responsibility category