We understand that for any combat, the best strategy is knowledge and preparation against the enemy. We want to send the favela to the museum and we know the size and dimensions of the problem we have to face.

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Why create the largest NGO network in the world?
Why should we keep dreaming so big?
Why should I be part of it?
We always hear questions like these.
But we have reason to keep on moving. Draw your own conclusions.
Number of Slums in Brazil

Number of public libraries in Brazil

Brazilians living in slums

number of inhabitants of switzerland

We have more slums than public libraries in Brazil

There are more people living in slums in Brazil than the population of Switzerland

15.2 million Brazilians still live below the poverty line.
Brazil has almost 25 million young people from 14 to 29 years old out of school.

We are the third largest prison population on the planet.
Violence in Brazil kills more than the war in Syria.
Out of every 100 young people killed, 71 are black.

One in four convicts recur in crime.

Source: G1, Eurostat, IBGE, O Globo, IE, IPEA, El País, VICE.
Every decision we make helps change this reality or make it even worse. It is the decision to dumb the weight or change the world.
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