"Gerando Falcões was very important in my life, because we can learn to live with each other, to help and respect everyone.

I enjoy each day of my life doing what I like, because in Gerando Falcões, we have many teachers and volunteers who are always on our side, regardless of the situation, so I really appreciate everything that Gerando Falcões did for us, the students, contributing for happier days."

Angelo Henrique

15, futsal workshop student

We bring free culture and sports for youth in ghettos and favelas and they take it to the world.

Culture and Sport
Sports and culture are educational tools on Rede Gerando Falcões. For example, the tennis lesson is also a math class, because it is based on daily repetition. The painting is a lesson for creativity because a blank screen turns into a spectacle of vivid colors. Boxing is a lesson in emotional skills where the student learns to fall and get up.

Our educational programs work as a human development arena, where educators are the community leaders and share citizenship and teamwork values.

To provide access to sports and culture in areas of social imbalance is a smart way to reduce inequalities and strengthen the education of children and adolescents.


Arte de contar histórias
The art of singing enables the most beautiful expressions and is the most enjoyable activity for most people. In our choir, in addition to melody, you can have freedom and a colorful explosion of feelings.

Locations: São Paulo (Poá, Ferraz de Vasconcelos, Vila Prudente and Vila N. Cachoeirinha) and Alagoas (Maceió).
The art uses colors and shapes to express dreams, happiness, sorrow and fears. It is through painting we build the ideal world for our future and we color a blank canvas like we're coloring our own lives.

Locations: São Paulo (Poá, Ferraz de Vasconcelos, Vila Prudente and Vila N. Cachoeirinha, Guarujá, São José do Rio Preto) and Alagoas (Maceió).
In acting workshops, students have new experiences and discoveries happen on every class. Young people develop creativity, expressiveness and learn to get along in society.

Locations: São Paulo (Poá, Ferraz de Vasconcelos, Vila Prudente and Vila N. Cachoeirinha) and Alagoas (Maceió).
Percussion is the art that allows people to find their own pace through the instruments, combining energy with technical and theoretical knowledge. The percussion classes cover the Brazilian and African ancestral music content.

Locations: São Paulo (Poá and São José do Rio Preto) and Alagoas (Maceió).
Dance is the art that uses the body as an instrument of expression. There are several rhythms such as ballet, jazz, country and urban dances that allow the sense of freedom and the power to be who you want to be.

Locations: São Paulo (Poá, Ferraz de Vasconcelos, Vila Prudente and N. Vila Cachoeirinha, Guarujá, São José do Rio Preto) and Alagoas (Maceió).

In the orchestra classes in addition to having contact with musical instruments, young people learn about discipline and harmony. Every chord is like playing your dreams, inspiring everyone to be whatever they want to be.

Location: Sao Paulo (Poá).
Art of storytelling
Children and adults are delighted with well-told stories. The art of storytelling, weather it is a book or an event, allows you to share feelings, experiences and thoughts.

Locations: São Paulo (Ferraz de Vasconcelos).
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Futebol Society
Futebol de campo
Tennis is part of the agenda of free activities offered by Rede Gerando Falcões. Our class has shown talent in the sport and became real heroes in the court.

Location: Sao Paulo (Poá).
Our martial arts lovers have at their disposal free Boxing workshops. The commitment of the activity is to knock out drugs and provide more quality of life for young people enrolled. The modality provides more balance and calm for the athletes, as well as improvement for their minds and bodies.

Locations: São Paulo (Poá and São José do Rio Preto).
Considered the most popular sport in the world, soccer is more than an inspiration. It is also a social inclusion tool, able to transform lives and fulfill dreams. With this on our minds, this free workshop discovers talents and drives personal development.

Locations: São Paulo (Poá, Vila Prudente and São José do Rio Preto).
Society Soccer
Soccer is one of the only sports that has the power to unite people of all social and economic classes. Becoming a professional player is more than the dream of every child, it is an opportunity to change lives. The free workshop counts on no less than 70 players, aged between 4 and 14 years. Fellowship, leadership and respect are some of the values passed to them through this sport.

Location: Sao Paulo (Poá).
Field Soccer
Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and won the hearts of children. In addition to the benefits for the body, the activity, offered free of charge by Rede Gerando Falcões, focuses on persistence and teamwork, always with a lot of respect for each other.

On the court, everyone is equal and therefore must comply with rules, like life. So we use the method to teach our students that you don't have to be like anyone else to be someone. And above all, we reinforce our mantra: no matter where you come from, but where you are going.

Locations: São Paulo (Poá, Vila N. Cachoeirinha and Guarujá) and Alagoas (Maceió).
The Skate workshop works agility and balance of our children while lifting their self-esteem. With the workshop applied by skateboarders, our children learn maneuvers and movements of the sport.

Locations: São Paulo (Vila N. Cachoeirinha and Guarujá).
This martial art of Japanese origin is constantly growing in Brazil, providing students with discipline, balance and self-knowledge. The initial age is 4 years and classes are divided into two free classes, each with 22 participants.

Locations: Sao Paulo (Vila Prudente) and Alagoas (Maceió).
Surfing is a sport that it's really fun, but also brings many benefits to our children, including motor, respiratory, and balance development.

It is a playful activity that improves the self-esteem and promotes social interaction, and the development of focus and presence in those who are willing to practice the sport. The contact with nature is another strong point, which frees and encourages our students.

In this free workshop, we teach that you don't need to be the best, but to give your best, as well as in all challenges of life.

Location: Sao Paulo (Guarujá).
Capoeira is a mixture of sports and art that can be practiced at any age. Develop your skills, exercising the body and mind, along with agility and endurance.

Discipline and respect are some of the values we want to convey in this free workshop, for the purpose of sport is always overcoming yourself and not to compete with others.

Location: Sao Paulo (Guarujá).
Basketball is one of the sports that best develops teamwork, coordination and stamina. The activity, also in the portfolio of free workshops offered by Rede Gerando Falcões, stimulates sociability and respect, working with fellowship as well as competitiveness.

We seek to develop our falcões, using sport as a tool to create champions.

Locations: Sao Paulo (Poá and Vila N. Cachoeirinha).


Dos alunos acreditam que a rede GF transformou sua vida
Dos alunos acreditam que a rede GF transformou a sua favela
Served by cultural and sports programs of Rede Gerando Falcões.



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