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We are driven by the belief that "it doesn't matter where you come from, but where you go in life." Yesterday's experiences, of course, will influence things, but won't decide who you will be. The birth of each one of us is a type of lottery. No one has the power to choose the color of their skin, the place where they will live in, which surname they will have and on what level of inequality they will compete in the job market. But over time, with our choices, we come to decide what we will do with our skin color, what meaning we will give to the community we live in, the school we study in, and the surname we received from our parents.

Nice to meet you: we are Gerando Falcões.

We are falcões!

social entrepreneur

The social entrepreneur is a rebel with a cause who confronts the status quo and creates solutions to what is wrong. We don't want people who justify the status quo. But who create solutions to change it. Those who only clock-in age our gear and slow it down. We want entrepreneurs who are original in their ideas and have the courage to take risks.

Favela Hero

Our social reality is so uneven that it is normal for things to keep going wrong. To move mountains, we need heroes. Heroes are not hindered by adversity. They don't cower before the boos. They don't stick with the problem. They act. They use emotional powers, unknown to most people, and move statistics. They save lives. It is not enough to be good, you have to be a hero.

families with high performance athletes

We are in a race against time. And we are late. The future has not arrived in the favelas. Every time we stop doing the right thing, it becomes too late for many. We take care of everyone with love in the team, but those who don't act within the high performance parameters delay the family and diminish the power of impact. Therefore, we do not tolerate inefficiency. Athletes are disciplined. Focused on breaking records. They have stamina. We are not after geniuses. Generally, they are not hardworking. We value stamina, over and over again.

dream to grow up

Sending the favela to the museum is a contestable dream for society, who prefers to justify the status quo and say it is impossible to change things. But it is always better to fight for ideas considered impossible. To live this dream, one cannot be aligned with common sense.
We could choose an easier path, driven by a smaller, more plausible dream, but we would develop less muscle, skill, and knowledge in our athletes. It is this atypical dream that makes athletes go beyond that 'okay' line.


Impactors do not have to starve or be miserable. In context, we don't pay the best salaries in the market. But we love to promote our athletes, reward those who get there and offer social recognition to the best doers.

curiosity to be an inventor

We lead in the midst of a social imbalance. The solutions applied have not yet been able to correct the disorder. It is as if there is a virus, mass propagated. Our job is to create the antivirus. Curiosity is the starting point. We don't know everything, but we want to learn everything. Test, learn fast, discard knowledge that no longer works, look for alternatives in different fields, value questions, be willing to listen and learn constantly.

Low Hierarchy and High Impact

We don't leave home to go to work. We leave home to go on a mission. Our focus is to impact. Failing the mission upsets many people. Given this, we have no time for vanity. We cannot value hierarchy and representation of power. Feedback must be a two-way course. The best idea wins. Our working relationship cannot be as static sculptures, but as flexible building blocks. Leaders and the ones they lead make each other grow and question each other.


Our relationship focus is divided into three segments.
A - The residents of ghettos and favelas.
« - Our sponsors, donors, volunteers and partners.
C – Our internal team of heroes. Whenever we are relating to people, the approach is to care. You never forget those people, brands and institutions that cared about you. For example, don't take more than 24 hours to reply to an email or text message. But if you can, surprise and respond within 5 minutes. And always try to put yourself in the other's place. Satisfaction and enchantment begin when you care.

care, trust and challenge

First you take care. And this care will generate unbreakable trust. No one wants to betray anyone's trust. Then you are able to challenge the heroes, because people were created to be challenged.

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Want to be part of this network as our collaborator?

Let's go together! We are looking for people for social leadership and to work in areas we have not yet reached.

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