We are Gerando Falcões, a social organization which operates within network strategy, in ghettos and favelas. Our projects are focused on sports and culture for children and adolescents and vocational training for youth and adults, with an income-generation engine for families, including former prisoners. Gerando Falcões has a management model inspired by the management mechanisms of Ambev, with goals, performance indicators, management rituals, career plans and employees bonus. We have a focus to balance a purpose that really drives us, that moves us forward, with management capacity and searching for long-term results.

Do you know who are?

How we started:

the beginning
After the independent release of the book "Jovens Falcões", Eduardo Lyra idealizes the 'Gerando Falcões Project', giving motivational talks to young people in public schools of the State of São Paulo.
first steps
A new stage in the schools trajectory begins, with the help of rap and overcoming stories. The skate classes start at Professor Lacy Lenski Lopes school in Jardim America, Poá.
gerando falcões
"Gerando Falcões" is now official, and the first seed investment is made by PDR Institute. Creation of MCs pela Educação, a project that brings Brazilian funk, rap and hip hop for public schools.
Start of futsal and tennis workshops, in partnership with the municipal school José Antonio Bortolozzo in Cidade Kemel, district of Poá.
Beginning of Choir workshops; beginning of "RECOMEÇAR" in order to help the egress of former prisoners in replacement to the job market.
Creation of Culture and Sports Center, with the inclusion of boxing lessons, dance, painting and acting on Saturday mornings.
We doubled the number of services at the Culture and Sports Center, the Vocational Training Department is created; financial statements are audited by KPMG for the first time; implementation of the goals model created by Ambev; Donations from Lemann Foundation, Giveme5, Wiseup and Aloha to start the Gerando Falcões network; Selection of the first leaders to expand.
Goals for the whole organization; Inauguration of Gerando Falcões - Vila Prudente with the Culture and Sports Center; Cyrela arrival at the sponsors team of Gerando Falcões network; Inauguration of Culture and Sports Center in Vergel through Mandaver NGO.
our vision.

our vision

Create opportunities bridges between the ghettos and downtown, putting the favela as we know today in the museum!

our Mission



It is the way we do it. Fewer walls and more bridges. Favela and city together. White and black. Rich and poor.
is our strength to go after the most impossible dreams. Between trying and not trying we prefer to always try. In our organization, we cause people to be free and overcome themselves.
makes us achieve sustainable results, changing the reality of entire communities. We are not afraid of work, however hard it is, we do not let laziness takes place in our organization.
is our transparent way to be with our mission, dream and how we perceive reality, because the market calls for feedback, and we have to develop our team.
is how we arrived at the game: playing to win. The favela, historically, has already lost for many years. We're going strong and we will change this reality.
is about putting the best we have at the table. Our talents, creativity, energy, color, culture, accent, experience, love, ZIP Code and knowledge. This is who we are.
gives us a sense of team, to reject the inferiority syndrome. We are humble to recognize our gaps, but we are daring to beat our chest and say "We are a team and no obstacle will get on our way".

Our team

The best of the best crew!

Líder Unidade Maceió
Carlos Jorge
Carlos Jorge da Silva Santos, 32 anos. Nascido em Maceió - Alagoas, casado, pai de duas filhas lindas, palestrante, empreendedor social, líder e Fundador do Manda Ver no Vergel desde 2015, onde oferece atividades através de parcerias de capacitação profissional, geração de renda, educação ambiental, entre outras atividades. Sua área de atuação social é no bairro do Vergel, onde nasceu. Seu sonho é que o bairro do Vergel se torne um dos bairros mais inovadores e empreendedores de Alagoas.

Say what, my leader!

Every day, an army of social leaders we call heroes and heroines wakes up in dozens of favelas in Brazil to promote a profound social transformation as part of Gerando Falcões network.

Leading this team is my biggest pride. They are people who have overcome social inequality, have been rejected, misunderstood, but are now working to take all the things they have lived, the result of inequality, and put it on a museum.

This diverse team, with more than 60% of management positions today composed of women, with a significant number of black people in positions of command, with a respectful environment guaranteed to LGBT causes, has followed strength in our bold plan to build the most transformative network of NGOs in the country, using the best of us all.

We focus on straightening our deepest values, from #tamojunto to #vaikida, passing through #paporreto and #trabalhoduro. Living our everyday life to be quick as athletes, creative as entrepreneurs and focused on building a new future, such as cartoon heroes.

We chose a side. The side of the courage to do the right thing for those who need and the daily challenge to find solutions to the problems of social inequality and lack of opportunities.

And we believe that the team's strength, developing our people, strengthening our ecosystem of donors and volunteers, helps us live the dream that seems impossible, but real - to us, to put inequality in the museum - investing in each Brazilian.

edu lyra

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Edu Lyra - "Man Of The Year 2018", Social Responsibility category